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Basingstoke Nepalese Community (BNC)

Is a fairly young community which was established in the early part of 2006. Since its inception, the numbers of settlers have grown rapidly and we have more than two hundred Nepalese families currently living together in the community. BNC is proud to state that it is indeed a community for all Nepalese regardless of their ethnicity and tribal and social background.

Basingstoke is a very nice place to live in and is proud to state that it has good schools, excellent NHS and surgeries as well as huge shopping centres and beautiful leisure parks.

However, BNC also acknowledges the fact that there is a need for certain things in the community that helps us to bind together as a close and healthy community so that we can look after ourselves through good and bad times.

Aims and Objectives

The community's aims are: 

1. To promote better understanding amongst the Nepalese residents living within Basingstoke and Dean Borough Council. 
2. To promote better understanding between the Nepalese community and the other communities within Borough. 
3. To encourage social contacts amongst Nepalese residents within borough as well as with other communities through social, religious, cultural and educational activities. 
4. To establish a link and to be an expert voice of and for Nepalese residents of Basingstoke by lobbying, campaigning and through consultation and partnership with any appropriate body both locally and nationally.  



BNC is part of the Basingstoke Multicultural Forum (BMF) which has over eight ethnic minority groups as officially registered ethnic minority member communities. BMF is fully endorsed and supported by the Hampshire County Council.  


Organises variety of events based on the: 

1. Cultural beliefs like- Bhazans & Teez.
2. Appreciation of nature like- Summer & Winter Party.
3. Encouraging the youth like- Cultural Fashion Show.
4. Regular meetings for improving the BNC community.
5. And other various events for uniting the BNC community.



BNC Gurkha Grocery is run by our very own local entrepreneurs from within the community. The BNC Gurkha Grocery Ltd has a unique and very noble concept of doing business in the community. The Grocery not only caters for the basic dietary needs but also supports the BNC members by providing free advice and support on various matters. These supports are as follows: 

a. Advice on benefits available from the government. 
b. Career Advice and Preparation of CV. 
c. Assist in filling in forms.
d. Assist in writing letters (job application, resignation, immigration etc.) 
e. Fax and Photocopy facility (minimal charge apply)

For further details 

Please contact

BNC Gurkha Grocery Ltd. Tel: 01256 464640